Rosita’s Smoothie Shack

I am proud to introduce you to a special guest blogger today…my sweet granddaughter! She has made brief appearances in random blogs over the past few months. She is my “soulmate” and favorite cooking partner! She once named me Grandma Crocker! Without further adieu…come visit Rosita’s Smoothie Shack!

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As few of you know I’m Jane’s granddaughter. I live in a small rural town in Iowa. I am enrolled in our local middle school. You maybe have seen me in her blog  once in a while. We like to cook together!

I just recently opened a healthy smoothie stand in my basement called, “Rosita’s Smoothie Shack.”


When we  moved into our house a few years ago  there was a mini unused kitchen in the basement. It wasn’t needed so I considered some business options.  Recently I have started to realize how beneficial it is to be healthy, mostly because I’ve never eaten that healthy in my life. Then I thought of …..Smoothies! Why not? They’re healthy and tasty! 


It would be the perfect thing! Since my recent 13th birthday I had some money for a blender. I searched on Amazon and found the perfect one. A Hamilton Beach dispensing blender!


And that was just the start. I bought tons of yogurt, fruit, juice, straws, cups, and the whole nine yards! (Well maybe not.)



I hung up my menu which consisted of four flavors: Berries and Cream Delight, Raspberry Banana Hurricane, Blueberry Typhoon, and Strawberry Pineapple Hurricane, and three sizes: small, medium, and large. I was ready for business!




I’ve done well in the business and enjoy serving my customers!


I love to make smoothies that are healthy. (My smoothies contain no refined sugar, and I only use unsweetened fruit!)



I truly think I’ve made one of the best decisions in my budding food career… Go Healthy Living!



 Thank-you Rosita! I know you are not giving out your secret recipes, but I will confirm that the Raspberry Banana Hurricane was fabulous! It was rich and creamy and yet filled with nutritious ingredients! The hours of Rosita’s Smoothie Shack are 4-5:30 in the afternoon…by appointment of course!

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7 Responses to Rosita’s Smoothie Shack

  1. "Rosita's" mom says:

    Awww! I’m just a smidge proud of her. She really is trying to eat more healthy and a big part of it is her grandma’s influence! We love her smoothies, too!

  2. Good luck, Rosita! They sound delicious!

  3. Rosita, seems like your grandma taught you well! What a great post today Jane!
    Thanks for sharing…

  4. ron schmidgall says:

    Really enjoyed reading about your smoothie business. You make the best smoothie that I have ever eaten. That’s right, eaten not drank. They are so thick and smooth, just great. I am lucky to have such a talented cook as a granddaughter.

  5. Kendra says:

    Rose….Charlie, Ruthie and I will have to make an appointment for a smoothie one day after school. They sound delicious!

  6. Rose says:

    Thank you all for the thoughtful comments!!!!! :)


  7. Rose says:

    Thank you all for the nice comments!!!!! :)


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